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I r a  O n o

M A S K S  

Inspired by the Hawaiian rain forest, his masks reveal an elegant restraint and Ira's unique style derived from a rich mythical past. Collectors often hang the masks outdoors where they eventually merge with their surroundings, becoming home to insects, ferns, mosses and more.

On an island in the middle of the sea comes a spirit and from this spirit comes the work of  I r a  O n o.

How many masks do I wear?

One for each person I meet...

The masks come from no one place but are a composite of all my experiences living in nature...

Like clouds floating in a calm sky their creation comes to me in visions

each unique; each bringing its own gifts of power -

"having no eyes they see...

saying no words they speak..."

 Ira's pit-fired, hand-built clay masks are adorned with natural fibers and beads.

Handmade in

Volcano Hawaii

Ira Artwork 171.jpg
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